Gary Vaynerchuk was the first person I ever followed on twitter @GaryVee. He was the person who was 100% responsible for getting me into social media. I was lucky enough to be one of the first Head’s of Social in Europe back in the early days of Facebook and it was always Gary that I looked to for help, advice and direction. He taught me to work harder and tell stories faster.


He’s a Marmite kind of guy. Many people love him. Many people really don’t like his style. I think that he has enough good things to say that he’s worth checking out on YouTube to make up your own opinion.


So for the sake of nostalgia, and to introduce you to @GaryVee if you’ve never come across him before, watch these 3 presentations. Of all the talks I’ve ever seen him give, these are the 3 that really hit me.


Each of these presentations are a few years old, but for the most part they seem as relevant today as they were over 5 years ago. Something which can’t be said for many marketing presentations which date within a couple of months. The reason these presentations still work, is that they focus on the people not the technology.


Talking about the growth a specific social media platform is never going to inspire anybody. But telling an emotional personal story about how you changed the business world is some small way will.



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