I love artists.


Artists create things that often have no meaning. They make people question why things exist. I once asked artist Damien Hurst why he did what he did (and found so much value in it) ~ his answer? Artists create something that has no purpose beyond itself.


The difference between art and design?


Art has no purpose (and is usually commissioned by yourself).

Design has a commercial purpose (and is usually commissioned by someone else).


So, just for fun, I thought I’d post what my friends have told me are the six daily habits of happy and successful  artists.


  1. Sit alone; sit quietly*.
  2. Learn something new without any apparent practical benefit.
  3. Ask individuals for bold feedback, ignore what you hear from the crowd.
  4. Spend time encouraging other artists.
  5. Teach, with the intent of making change.
  6. Ship something that YOU created.


For what it’s worth ~ these are my 6 favourite artists (the ones who inspire me daily and don’t just give me pretty things to look at):~


Hugh Macleod (Gaping Void)



Tom Fishburne (Marketoonist)


Scott Adams

dilbert dashboard


Seth Godin 



Austin Kleon 



* (I’m hardly the most creative person but I am on a mission to try and tell better stories. So, once a week I spend at least 2 hours a week in a hotel somewhere, with my favourite drink and nothing but a pen and a notebook, trying to make sense of technology or some new innovation I just learned about).


Communications Designer @IBM • Climate Reality Leader • Lover of Old Business Books, Clever Technology and the NHS • Based in London, UK.

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