I’m watching “Page One ~ Inside the New York Times“. It’s an outstanding documentary featuring one of my favourite journalists of all time, the late great David Carr. He sadly passed away in early 2015, probably the result of leading a very “textured life“, but not before he left us with some of the best commentary on the changing media landscape ever written. You can read some of his writing here.


It’s one of those programs that will make you ask yourself all kinds of deep and meaningful questions, and nothing I could ever write here would do that justice. So please just watch it. You won’t be disappointed.


My favourite scene?


When asked how scared he is about the future of the New York Times and the demise of traditional media, David gives this brilliantly spontaneous but thoughtful response:

“Look, I’m afraid of guns. And I’m afraid of bats. I’m really not afraid of anything else. It’s an advantage of having lived a textured life. I’ve been a single parent on welfare. This is nothing“.

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