Management consulting genius Tom Peters once told me that there are 3 rules to success in business:

  1. Work harder than everyone else.
  2. Go into every meeting better prepared than everyone else.
  3. Always have a useful piece of research up your sleeve.


So when my friend Theo Priestley sent me this beautiful graphic on Twitter today and I realised that the company who produced it, CB Insights had actually pulled the original post, I decided that was not acceptable. Taking Tom’s advice to heart, I thought it a good idea to share the full list of VC investors and their blogs, for anyone who might be interested. Following blogs like these are what keep us on top of our game, and help us go into meetings more inspired and more informed than those around us…




If you find the things that they say useful, it might be useful to look at your daily routine, and find time (and discipline) over your morning coffee to review your favourite ones every morning.



VC Firm Bloggers ($100m+ in managed funds)

  1. Fred Wilson
  2. Bill Gurley
  3. Chris Dixon
  4. Mark Suster
  5. Brad Feld
  6. Ben Horowitz
  7. Benedict Evans
  8. Albert Wenger
  9. Jeff Jordan
  10. Seth Levine
  11. David Skok
  12. Thomasz Tunguz
  13. Fred Destin
  14. Josh Hannah
  15. Om Malik
  16. Mark Andreessen
  17. Greg Bettinelli
  18. Jamie Davidson
  19. Glen Solomon
  20. Andrew Parker
  21. Ian Sigalow
  22. Bruce Booth
  23. Bubba Murarka
  24. David Cowan
  25. Andy Weissman
  26. Phin Barnes
  27. Josh Breinlinger
  28. Lenny Pruss
  29. Nabeel Hyatt
  30. Matt McCall
  31. Bruce Cleveland
  32. Matt Turck
  33. David Hornick
  34. Steve Schlafman
  35. Bilal Zuberi
  36. Josh Kopelman
  37. Chris Fralic
  38. Jeff Bussgang
  39. Larry Cheng
  40. Roger Ehrenberg
  41. Jon Sakoda
  42. Cem Sertoglu
  43. Mike Abbott
  44. Amish Jani
  45. Rob Day

Micro VC Bloggers (<$100m in managed funds)

  1. Hunter Walk
  2. Rob Go
  3. Leo Polovets
  4. Jason Lemkin
  5. Charlie O’Donnell
  6. Guy Turner
  7. Kanyi Maqubela
  8. David Biesel
  9. Gerry Neumann
  10. Satya Patel
  11. Mike Brown Jr.
  12. Lee Hower
  13. Jay Deng
  14. Zachary Shulman
  15. Reneee DiResta
  16. Boris Wertz
  17. Christoph Janz
  18. Ezra Galston
  19. David Lee
  20. Bryce Roberts
  21. Nic Brisbourne
  22. Adam Besvinick
  23. Michael Arrington
  24. Jeff Carter
  25. Paul Kedroski
  26. Semil Shah
  27. Jalak Jobanputra
  28. Jason Heltzer

Corporate VC Bloggers

  1. MG Siegler
  2. Christina Herron
  3. Jason Ball

Angel Bloggers

  1. Joanne Wilson
  2. Naval Ravikant
  3. Dharmesh Shah
  4. Andrew Chen
  5. Mark Cuban
  6. Martin Varsavsky
  7. Jason Calacanis
  8. Elad Gill
  9. Fabrice Grinda


Accelerator Bloggers

  1. Paul Graham
  2. David Cohen
  3. Sam Altman
  4. Christina Tsai


I hope you find all that helpful. If that’s not enough for you (and you want even more useful stuff “up your sleeve“) ~ I highly recommend checking out:

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