“Look at the world. See the problem. And solve it”.

My book Ten Words contains 140 short stories about interesting “characters” who have changed their industry in some way. The book opens with the wonderfully eccentric William Adams aka Will.I.Am and his #TenWords quote, which came from the Dreamforce conference where we shared the stage.


I feel like I have a special connection with the space man, not just because of Dreamforce or the fact that he opens Ten Words, but because I use one of his songs as a secret weapon. Like Will, I am (see what I did there?!) naturally a really shy person and often need some extra motivation or a shift in mindset before I take the stage to do  a presentation. To help me do that, and it seems silly admitting it out loud, but I always listen to exactly the same song before I speak at a large event. It’s a brilliant song full of the most perfect lyrics and contains the kind of messages that I want to share, many of which made their way into my book.


Thank you Mr. Adams!


  • You can follow Will.I.Am on Twitter @IamWill
  • See what Will.I.Am is currently working on here.
  • Buy Ten Words direct from Lulu. (It will be available on Amazon soon but as the book is to raise money for NHS, we raise more money if it is bought direct).


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