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j k rowling

“The stories that we love will live in us forever”.

In this raw and “unpolished” episode of the Ten Words Podcast I go on a personal and professional journey with J.K. Rowling to uncover what drove her success, how she coped through the darker days and what inspired her to be a writer.

This show is also slightly more emotional than, usual given that J.K. Rowling inspired me to write shortly after I became bankrupt and lost my house, car, savings and marriage, and also dealt with failure and depression. I hope the sentiment of this show is OK and my personal feelings don’t get in the way of you being inspired by J.K. Rowling yourself. We all have huge challenges and wonderful opportunities which we may or may not choose to chase and embrace.

“You can change the world just by sharing your story”.

It is my wish that this podcast, in some small and tiny way, helps people to tell their story a little bit better, by listening to other people tell theirs.



Bossjock jeremy Waite

Check out this episode!

Communications Designer @IBM • Climate Reality Leader • Lover of Old Business Books, Clever Technology and the NHS • Based in London, UK.

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